April/May/June First XI


So I finally have another favourites post up but because it has been so long since I have done one of these, this one is a real random group of things that I have loved over the last season or so. Enjoy!

Dawn of Gardenia Perfume – I got this perfume for Christmas last year but loved it since it launched at The Body Shop last year. I tend to get bored with fragrances quite quickly so I don’t often invest in pricey ones as it can be a bit of a waste. This one is really affordable but even then I would still test every time I passed a store to see if I still liked the fragrance and I did – every time.  The floral scent is light and fresh and I find that it lasts for most of the day. There are a few fragrance options in this range at The Body Shop so I definitely recommend giving them a try.

H&M Palm Tree Shirt – I love H&M. When they launched in SA last year I made sure to visit a store at the first opportunity that I got which was a trip to Joburg in June.  Lucky for me it coincided with a sale as well and I scored about five items for around R600 – a mixture of basics and fun pieces. I could have happily bought a lot more in that store but I exercised some serious self-restraint.  They have since launched in Durban and I am ashamed to say that I have yet to visit the store as it is a bit out the way for me but luckily they just announced they will be opening a second store in November.  Although this does not mean good things for my bank account!  I was lucky enough to have a sneaky shopping morning in Sandton while en route to Pretoria in April and again was not disappointed.  While there wasn’t a sale on this time both items I picked up were on the “Deal of the Week” special. What I love most about H&M is that I find items that push me a little out of my comfort zone fashion – bearing in mind 90% of my wardrobe is the most basic of the basics.  Anyway, I managed to pick up this gem of a top for only R100 – win!

Nike Sneakers – Aren’t they beautiful! I had been looking for a pair of sneakers to invest in for a while and I couldn’t quite bring myself to spend so much on a plain colour like white or black. I know that is probably the smarter choice in terms of versatility but that can be the next pair. Then I came across these and instantly fell in love. I used a birthday voucher I got last year and because they were my first purchase on Zando I got 25% off so I mean how could I not get them? FYI – I’ll do anything to justify a splurge.


Sorbet BB cream – I reacquainted myself with this product at the beginning of summer and it quickly became a necessary part of my makeup routine for the remainder of the season. It is moisturising without making my skin oily and is great for a ‘no makeup’ makeup look. The colour is too dark for me in winter and too be honest I only just about get away with it in summer.  Sorbet have come out with a lighter shade so I am keen to give that a go in the future.

Maybelline Concealer – this product has regularly popped up on my blog and unfortunately it is still not available in this country (someone please explain!). Whenever I know someone coming from the US or the UK I always ask for backups of these. I was originally brought the neutraliser shade by mistake – which is yellow toned to correct dark circles – but I have actually grown very fond of this as an under-eye concealer. I also have the brightener which is amazing for highlighting but I find it too light as an actual under-eye concealer – and to be too light on my skin is quite a feat! I recently got the “Fair” shade so I am keen to see how a skin tone shade compares to the correctors.


Essence Luminous Bronzer – I had always been intrigued by the idea of a luminous bronzer as I had always stuck with a matt bronzer and highlighted where necessary. In winter especially, I find that a matt bronzer can make me look a little bit flat and I am leaning towards the more “natural”/ “your skin but better” makeup look these days. The luminosity is provided by a very fine shimmer that makes your skin look healthy and glowy without looking like a disco ball.  The light skin shade also works on my winter skin tone  and is not orangey or patchy which is a problem with a lot of drugstore bronzers.


Lorac Pro Palette – When I first started really getting in to make up this was one of the first “cult” products that I lusted after, especially because it is not available in South Africa. I got it as a present from an American friend last year and personally, I think it lives up to the hype. The colours are perfect for creating multiple looks from fresh and natural to smoky glam. I do need to use a primer to make the shadow last all day but I do this with all eye shadows as I my lids are oily anyway.  There can be fallout but I find if you knock the excess off your brush then it isn’t an issue for me.  It is perfect for travelling as the packaging is lightweight and thin and the variety shades allow you to create a number of looks from just one palette.

Revlon Volume and Length Mascara – this has been my go to mascara for probably about eight months now. I find one coat is usually sufficient but it can be built up with two coats for a more dramatic look without becoming clumpy. It doesn’t transfer onto my lids even though I curl my lashes.  I use it very sparingly on my lower lashes and as long as I set my under-eye area then it doesn’t transfer there either but I have yet to find a mascara that doesn’t transfer onto my under-eye area anyway.

Loreal Hair Expertise Conditioner – My hair is neither dry or unruly but man does it love this conditioner!  I have always been a fan of pampering my hair with a luxurious conditioner that is probably way more nourishing than what my hair actually needs.  My hair is coloured so I do need to look after it a bit more and this conditioner really does the job.  It keeps my hair smooth and sleek and has the added bonus of a delicious scent.  I tend to pick up this conditioner when it is on the 3-for-2 special at Clicks which is a real win in terms of price.

Crusaders – this is a bit of a different favourite. It is the reason that I have been MIA for the past few months as I lost my Sundays aka free time.  I will get a bit more in depth about this in a separate post as I think that is what it deserves.  I have previously said that I am a passionate cricket supporter and one of the ways I have fed that passion is by becoming a scorer.  I started scoring for Northwood Crusaders first team in September last year and I was so lucky to be a part of that team for the 2016/17 season. They did so well I was able tag along to both Club Champs tournaments in April.  I learnt so much during the season and met some fantastic people along the way.

The 1975 – Now this is the favourite of all the favourites, I pretty much haven’t listened to any other music for about two months now. I wouldn’t class this as rediscovery as I only knew one of their songs prior before this year.  Chocolate was a firm favourite on my playlist about four years ago but I never looked into their music further than that. I heard the band again when they performed at the BRIT awards earlier this year and that peaked my interest so when I was looking for some music to add to a travel playlist I downloaded “The Sound”. Needless to say that it was put on repeat because I am a firm believer that you can never have too much of a good thing. In the week that followed that trip I got a few new songs to add to the playlist which is now just The 1975 and gets played almost throughout my whole day. Anyway, just do yourselves a favour and enjoy the video at the end I’ve put at the end of this – you’re welcome.


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