DIY “Wearable” Rainbow Highlight

It took a couple of months but I have adjusted to having some free time on weekends again (I’ll talk about that in another post) and this blog is in dire need of some of my undivided attention.   So I know I am way behind the times with this but it is an idea that has been sitting in my drafts for over six months and I finally decided I had procrastinated enough.  So here is my own take on a DIY Rainbow Highlighter.

When the rainbow highlight took the makeup world by storm last year I was very much intrigued.   I loved the idea but as much as I wish I was, I am not someone who could confidently go about my life with a spectrum gracing the tops of my cheeks.   I was still inspired by the concept and the creative in me wanted to give it a go so I watched a couple of YouTube videos and read the original Reddit article and it seemed like a pretty simple task to accomplish.  I went through my makeup collection and found some eye shadows that would work for each colour then life happened.  Cut to eight months later and I finally have my very own Rainbow Highlight.  I went with a more “muted”, pastel take on the rainbow as I thought I could pull this off as a more wearable option, if that makes any sense whatsoever.   As for the “how to do it” of it all, I enjoyed feeling like some kind of makeup scientist in the smallest way possible but realistically I think I was more of a glitter obsessed six year old being overly enthusiastic about an arts and crafts project.


Eye shadows or pigments in the necessary colours

A vanilla highlight shade (I used an eyeshadow that I didn’t use for this as well)

Rubbing Alcohol

Mixing containers (I used an egg holder, muffin pans and ice cube trays are a good idea too)

An empty compact

Spoon or some kind of utensil for scraping out the eye shadow and mixing it together

Roller towel

christybronwynblog_rainbow highlight


1. Scrape each colour into its own mixing container. I put the highlight shade in its own container and added it to each colour as I went along but you can put that directly with each colour as well.

christybronwynblog_rainbow highlight

2. Then add the alcohol drop by drop to each powder and mix until it forms a paste.

christybronwynblog_rainbow highlight

3. Once you are happy with the colour and consistency of each shade you can start adding the colours, one by one, into the empty compact. Just make sure not to take up too much space with each colour so that you are able to fit all the colours can fit into the pan.


4. Once the pan is filled with the rainbow, gently pat the roller towel onto the powders so that it will absorb the excess alcohol. Repeat this step until the roller towel can’t absorb anymore alcohol.

christybronwynblog_rainbow highlight


5. Now just leave your highlight to dry naturally. This will take about a day or so.

christybronwynblog_rainbow highlight



My version is provides a very subtle wash of colour so it doesn’t show up very well on camera but I actually really like it.  The few times I have worn it, people only notice it when I point it out to them.

Now you are free to play with your brand new highlighter and prance around like the unicorn that you are!

Too much?  You are have a rainbow on your face – there is no such thing as too much!



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