A Durban Girl’s Guide to Surviving Winter

I love winter but when it comes to the cold weather I can be a bit of a ninny, hence the need for a survival guide. For those of you that don’t know Durban isn’t the coldest place in South Africa and is mostly known for having the best weather in the country during winter. Saying that, we do get some chilly days due to snowy conditions on the mountains a bit further inland (as I type this post the thermometer on my verandah is telling me it is 15 degrees outside).  I also spent the last week of June in Johannesburg I actually got to wear coats and jerseys I haven’t worn since the last time I was in Gauteng, which was about three years ago!   I was since inspired to put together all the goodies that are getting me through the season.


Winter Warmers:

  • Cotton On Home Boots.  I think these babies are one of my favourite buys this year.  I actually intended to purchase the rose gold ones but the colour didn’t live up to my expectations when I saw them in store but I am so happy I bought the grey ones. They are warm and cosy and some days I can’t wait to get home and put them on.  I may have even contemplated wearing them to work…
  • Woolworths Pyjamas.  Travelling to Joburg forced me to invest some proper winter PJ’s and these spotty ones from Woolies are a winner.  They are super comfy and I love the pattern – can you tell one of my favourite colours is grey?  These are available in store and online.
  • Typo Travel Mug.  I have about a 40 minute commute to work in the mornings and I was finding getting up when it is dark and cold relatively soul destroying.  I have a few other travel mugs sitting in the cupboard but I never liked how the plastic mugs made affected the taste of the drink so I would rather just not use them.  Then I discovered these ceramic travel mugs from Typo and my problem was solved!  I love the colour of mine and the saying is quite a helpful one to have sitting on my desk during the work day.  Typo always have these in stock but the designs change fairly regularly depending on the lines they have out at the time.



  • Skin Creamery, The Everyday Cream for Face & Body. I pretty much drowned my skin in this stuff while I was in Joburg!  The dry air completely changed how makeup looked on my skin but thank goodness for this little gem otherwise I don’t think I would have been seen out in public much :/
  • Skin Creamery, Facial Hydrating Oil.  This product made an appearance in my First XI post last month and has continued to be a part of my skincare routine. For a more in depth review click here.  You can find Skin Creamery products on their online store and they offer free shipment within South Africa – win!
  • Lush, Angels on Bare Skin Face and Body Cleanser.  Another product that was part of my last month favourites, this cleanser doesn’t dry out my skin and also provides some light exfoliation.
  • Elizabeth Arden, Eight Hour Cream Skin Protectant. My mom has used this product for years and it is one of the first things she recommends whenever your skin starts to feel dry. I use it on my lips right before going to bed to help prevent any chapping. This product is great for soothing other minor skin irritations such as sunburn, windburn, scrapes, abrasions and minor burns.
  • Blistex, Daily Conditioning Treatment.  This is just a great all round lipbalm – it’s moisturising, protects and repairs.  It has SPF 20 so I like to keep one in my car and apply it before I start a journey.


Thanks for reading, I hope you found some of this useful!





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