Tri-Nations Series 2016

Just to put the beauty lovers’ mind at ease, these blogs will only come up when I actually have something to say and I won’t be reviewing every match.  I tried that on a previous blog and it felt very repetitive and if the team isn’t getting good results then it can become quite negative.  Don’t get me wrong- of course a team is going to lose a few matches and everything can’t be bright and breezy all of the time. But for me anyway, I need to feel content after I have written about something and not have a cloud of negativity floating above my head afterwards.  I don’t think anybody needs that.

So I figure seeing as South Africa have won and lost a game in the series so far that this is a good place to kick off my cricket blogs!

If you are reading this I am going to take it that you are a fellow fan so you will understand the frustration of being a Proteas supporter… I love my team, I really do but sheesh they are hard to watch sometimes.  I haven’t been able to watch the games live because the time difference is awful – DSTV Explora for the win! I have made it a goal to watch at least one game of this series all the way through.  Now that we are three games in it appears that this is going to be a low scoring series. Which is not something most of us have come to expect from the short form of the game these days.  I think that’s why I find low scoring matches so hard to watch because I have become so used to expecting a score over 300 that when the team ends an innings on less than 200 I automatically think the game is lost. I know, I know.  I need to have more faith.

Let’s be honest, even though we were playing the home team (West Indies) in the opening match most people would have reckoned that South Africa would have gone away with the win. Maybe not an out and out beating but a win. With West Indies cricket in some turmoil and without quite a few major stars at the moment and South Africa’s side boasting a few intimidating names on their team list, I think South Africa to win would have been the safe bet.  Saying that, in recent times West Indies have made good use of their “underdog” title and managed some unexpected wins. It wasn’t a complete beating but I never like seeing our tail collapse like that. And our bowling wasn’t completely awful but with low scoring games regular wickets are key.

Playing against Australia is usually daunting at the best of times but they have a really good team at the moment full of serious competitors and South Africa decided to play three spinners – a very rare occurrence.  At least it worked, imagine the backlash if it hadn’t.  As I said I always find low scoring games stressful to watch and when I turned the TV off to go to bed, I fully expected to wake up the next morning to hear that we had lost. It was a great start to the day when I discovered the opposite had happened!  One of my favourite things is when the wickets are shared amongst the whole bowling team. Especially in this situation when the bowlers had a fairly small total to defend.  It just comforts me that we don’t have to rely on one or two particular bowlers to perform in order for us to win a match. It was also great to see Berhardien score some good runs because I know a lot of people question his place in the team.

Looking ahead to the next game there will be obviously be a change in the batting due to Rossouw’s injury and from what I understand Du Plessis was only supposed to sit out of the first game so I think he will probably make his comeback tomorrow.  I don’t think they will change the bowling line up, having the three spinners seemed to work and unless the plan is to rotate the seamers in each game of the series I don’t see Rabada and Parnell being replaced. You could argue that putting Morris back in the starting XI he would lengthen the batting line up and I suppose Morne Morkel needs to play at some point in the series.  I do feel bad for Abbott as he bowled very economically in the first game even though he didn’t get wickets (10-1-26-0) but other than Du Plessis coming into the team, I don’t think there will be any other changes.


The next game is SA vs Australia, Sat 11 June and will be broadcast on SS2 (channel 202 DSTV) at 19h00, match build-up from 18h30.

Previous matches:

1st Match: West Indies vs SA scorecard (3 June 2016)

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3rd Match: SA vs Australia scorecard (7 June 2016)


All stats are taken from

These posts – as always – are totally my own opinion so please don’t take offence if I say something you don’t like, everything is up for a healthy debate.




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