Catrice Treasure Trove Palette (Limited Edition)

So the other day I had to pop into Dischem to pick up a prescription and just so happened to walk down the makeup aisle. Not sure how that happened…

Ehem, anyway I found myself drawn to the Catrice stand and immediately took interest in their latest limited edition collection.  To be honest, I was mostly drawn in by the packaging of the palette but I mean come on, just look at it…

Catrice Treasure Trove Palette

Okay, moment over.  I am a fairly big fan of Catrice because they are a brand that has a lot of good quality affordable makeup and I am all about affordability. Generally though, I have never been overly impressed with most of their eyeshadow palettes as a whole.  You might get one or two shades that are amazing and pigmented but usually they are mostly filled with patchy eyeshadows that don’t give you great pay off.  I like for a palette to have a mix of mattes and shimmers so I can create a variety of looks without having to reach on a bunch of other products.  I have never been a fan of having multiple single shadows and I have never tried the whole “depotting and creating a custom palette” thing either so a good, balanced palette is a must for me.


Upon swatching the palette I could tell there was a good mix of colours from light to dark with most of them being on the cooler toned side which I tend to prefer.  I am really enjoying the natural/brown look at the moment so this palette really spoke to me.  I have only put it to the test a couple of times and the one thing I noticed the first time was there was some glitter fall out as the day went on.  Second time round though, there didn’t seem to be much fall out so hopefully that’s the trend that sticks.  I particularly like the matte shades the most but the shimmer shades are also pretty and fairly pigmented.  The only shade that is a bit of a flop for me is the third shade on the top row,  the pigmentation is really lacking compared to the other shades and the shimmer is quite chunky.  On that note, it doesn’t look like the two lightest shade swatched well either but I swear my skin is just so pale that the colours didn’t really show up in the photo.  They are actually two of my favourite shades in the palette.

Catrice palette swatches

As for the rest of the collection, the highlighter looked gorgeous when I swatched it – very soft and with golden shimmers. If I was in the market for another highlighter I would definitely have purchased it but my current budget said I probably have one highlighter too many at the moment. The blush was pretty but a bit too warm for me. I didn’t get a chance to swatch the lipsticks as I was in a bit of a rush and the nail polish colours didn’t really grab me to be honest. I do think overall it looks like a beautiful collection and I think that the quality of the Catrice limited edition collection is improving each time.


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